Monday, January 26, 2015

Lightning Key Review: A Literary Magazine

A literary site where Saint Leo University and professional creativity unite.  

Introducing Lightning Key Review - a Saint Leo University associated, online literary magazine. Throughout the pages, you will find captivating images and short works of poetry and fiction written by professional creative writers.  

Many of the contributing authors made appearances at Saint Leo University for readings including: Dave Oliphant, Ira Sukrungruang, Diane Glancy, Erica Dawson, Joe Millar, Lola Haskins, Peter Meinke

The Lightning Key Review is co-edited by Saint Leo University's very own Kurt Wilt, Department Chair of English, Fine Arts, and Humanities along with Patrick Crerand, Assistant Professor of English.

Enjoy reading the enchanting creations within the Lightning Key Review.

-Theresa Whitehead, Distance Learning Librarian     

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Drowning in Information? Narrow your Topic...

Do you ever feel like this?

Try this...

Original Topic: Pollution

Narrowed Topic: Health effects of acid rain on people within the United States

Topic Tip: Think of a particular aspect of a subject to explore and break them into main concepts. If your topic is too broad, then you will retrieve way too many articles.

Search Tip: Use the concept terms within a database search.

                           ORIGINAL TOPIC                            NARROWED TOPIC

Contact us if you have any questions on on how to locate the most relevant sources for your assignments.

-Theresa Whitehead, Distance Learning Librarian

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

New Year, New Books...

Welcome back to a wonderful new semester. 

Start your new year off right with a good book. Cannon Memorial Library recently added these electronic books to the collection.

Click on a book image to open it up directly from the library catalog.

For more electronic books, check out our catalog - just type in a keyword, title, or author. 

If you have any questions on locating a specific title or need assistance with accessing the e-books, contact us.

Have a wonderful new year!!!

-Theresa Whitehead, Distance Learning Librarian

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Spend Christmas with a Good Book

Curl up with some egg nog and one of these Christmas-themed electronic books from the Cannon Memorial Library.

Just click on the book image to open and enjoy!

Contact us if you have any questions trying to locate other holiday books.

Theresa Whitehead, Distance Learning Librarian

Thursday, December 11, 2014

LibGuides to the Rescue

Do you need a starting point with your research?  If so, use a Subject Research LibGuide!

Watch this short video on what Subject Research LibGuides are and how to use them to assist you with your research.

If you have any questions on Subject Research LibGuides, please contact us.

-Theresa Whitehead, Distance Learning Librarian

Monday, December 8, 2014

Enjoy safe online shopping
this holiday season

Online shopping! It’s so easy, right?  

Here are a few online shopping tips to help you shop safely online this holiday season.

(Zone Alarm, 2014)

The editors at Zone Alarm's Security Blog posted “Stay Safe This Shopping Season with These Security Tips” on Nov. 19 (graphic right).

Here's a short list of sites with suggestions for safe online shopping:

Then, dive deeper into the subject by reading:

   Scams, Safe Shopping, and Online Banking” (pp. 57-74) in Net Crimes & Misdemeanors:Outmaneuvering the Spammers, Swindlers, and Stalkers Who Are Targeting You Online (Hitchcock, Jayne A. and Loraine Page, Medford, NJ: Information Today, 2002) 


Online Shopping” (pp. 181-192) in our eBook Computer Security Literacy: Staying Safe in a Digital World (Jacobson, Douglas and Joseph Idziorek, Hoboken: CRC Press, 2012)   

All of which is simply to say: “Hey, let's be careful out there” (Sergeant Phil Esterhaus, Hill Street Blues TV series, 1981-1987).

--Sandy Hawes, Online Services Librarian

Monday, November 24, 2014

Become a Writing Pro: Use a Writing Instructor

You may already know and love them, but if not, let me shine a light on our fantastic writing instructors within the Cannon Memorial Library.

Meet Angel Jimenez and John David Harding, who are both here to assist you with how to properly write your research papers. 

   John David Harding      Angel Jimenez    
Both writing instructors have extensive writing knowledge. Angel earned his BA and MA degrees in English Literature from the University of South Florida. John David earned his BA and MFA in Creative Writing from Louisiana State University.

Do you have a problem with your writing? Don't fret because our writing instructors have a solution!

Students' Main Problems
  • Questions about the assignment
  • Thesis statement
  • Transitions
  • Citations
  • Grammar
  • Punctuation
  • Spelling
Writing Instructors' Solutions
  • Review the assignment guidelines 
  • Communicate with student on their background knowledge
  • Share and review learning materials
  • Provide rules and give practice exercises

·  Start early for reflection and revision 
·  Use academic sources as models for your writing.
·  Talk about your writing with your peers to help ideas flourish 
·  Write in a natural way. John David states "Many writers feel pressure to sound smart, which can lead to imprecise word choice and awkward phrasing."

·   Sign up at the Circulation Desk
·   Email the writing instructor
·   Call the writing instructor
·   Complete a request form 
·   Walk-in appointment if available

·  Meet in person
·  Communicate through email
·  Talk on the phone
·  Blackboard Collaborate 
·  Skype 

Angel Jimenez
(352) 588-8269

Sunday: 11-8pm
Monday: 9-6pm
Tuesday: 9-6pm
Wednesday: 11-8pm
Thursday: 9-6pm
Friday: OFF
Saturday: OFF
John David Harding
(352) 588-7576

Sunday: OFF
Monday: OFF
Tuesday: 11-8pm
Wednesday: 8-5pm
Thursday: 11-8pm
Friday: 8-5pm
Saturday: 10-7pm

If you feel lost or overwhelmed with your writing, make sure to make an appointment with either John David or Angel. They will help to put you on the right path and improve your writing for future papers to come! 

Also, check out the Writing and Research Support LibGuide and the Writing (Formatting, Templates, and Writing Samples) Help LibGuide for additional writing support.

-Theresa Whitehead, Distance Learning Librarian