Friday, April 26, 2013

Let's Not Plagiarize Now...

We know as students that plagiarism is not acceptable. Taking ownership of someone else's work has serious consequences in any academic community and can result in suspension from one's area of study, program, or the university. Later in life, it could cost your job or damage your professional reputation. Copying another person's work may appear tempting because you believe it will save you time on your paper, particularly if you've procrastinated until the last minute. In the end, however, there will be nothing but negative repercussions for trying to take that shortcut. 

If you have problems with formatting, style manuals, and citations, get help from your professor, a librarian, SmarThinking, a tutor at the Learning Resource Center, or the library's writing instructor, Angel Jiminez. We are all happy to assist you with your writing and research! 

But what if it's late at night and no one's available at the library? Try EasyBib, a citation-making software program to which the library subscribes. In addition to helping you create your citations, it offers fantastic resources that help you understand the differences among quoting, paraphrasing, unique ideas, and plagiarism! Your Saint Leo University online library, like NYU and Emory, proudly provides this service as a resource for currently enrolled students and currently employed faculty, staff, and administrators of Saint Leo University.
The example EasyBib flowchart shown to the right illustrates how to figure out if what you're writing is  plagiarism. EasyBib helps you learn how to:
  • Accurately credit sources and avoid plagiarism
  • Discern credible websites with their evaluation tool
  • Use dynamic note taking to hone critical thinking and organizational skills
The library provides access through its subscription to an upgraded "pro" package of resources for MLA, APA, and Chicago/Turabian citation styles. All you need do is sign up through the library website. Once on the main library page, click on the Research and Writing Help link on the lower section of the screen in the Get Help column, and follow the on-screen instructions. 

Remember: You must register and log in through the library website in order to access the upgraded package that includes the current MLA, APA, and Chicago/Turabian style guides, as well as the Notes & Outline feature, citation creation template, and downloadable tip sheets.

So what's the harm? Take a look, try it out, and be prepared for the Summer and Fall semesters!

I'd like to offer congratulations to our graduates, good luck to those attending summer session, and I hope you enjoy your summer!

-Aimee Graham, Online Librarian - 
--edited by S.Hawes

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Making Social Networking Work For You!

I would be lying if I said I didn't have a social networking profile. It is probably the same for you. Whether it is Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or another service doesn't matter; we have become children of the viral communication age. With every post or tweet we make, there are many observing, reading and judging, and it is very easy to give the wrong impression about yourself: drunken party pictures, indecent tweets, or even an online argument can greatly damage your reputation. 

Hopefully you realize that when you are on the hunt for a job and your resume is being distributed en masse, potential employers will look at and judge you based on what you post in an effort to determine the type of person that you are. Evaluating an applicant's online profile has become as much a part of the selection process as conducting the interview itself. 

So how can you make social networking work for you?

I recently found an article while looking for blog submissions and it really had me intrigued. Aimed at teachers, tutors, and education majors, 10 Amazing Ways For Teachers & Tutors To Use Twitter In Education provides fantastic suggestions to ensure your students (looking at you, education majors), clients, and business partners can get information without being drowned in memos or standardized forms. 

I'm not going to go further into the article and give away all of the juicy details as it is really worth the read, but it gives creative ideas and strategies on how to make your social networking profile work for you in the best way. It also gives suggestions on other profiles to follow, such as WW2 Tweets from 1941. This account, started by a history graduate from England, tweets in real-time events from WWII; looking at his profile you can tell it has certainly made an impact because today it has nearly 300,000 followers. (I myself am one). 

Regardless of your major or discipline, social networking can be used for educational purposes when you are a student and later in your career. This article will give you the steps and guidance, but only you can make social networking work in the best light for you. To quote the beginning of the article, "Twitter like all other social media is a virtual Aladdin’s cave. It is a gateway to riches. But just like in the story, this Aladdin’s cave is also booby-trapped. Use it right and you will come away with the genie of knowledge ready to do your bidding. Use it wrong and you will be a casualty of wasted time. So, ‘rub’ it just right." 

Enjoy the article, and enjoy your summer! Make sure to follow the Daniel Cannon Memorial Library on Twitter and "Like" us on Facebook!  'See' you all on Friday!

- Aimee Graham, Online Librarian - 
--edited by S.Hawes

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Looking Beyond Saint Leo

Are you graduating soon or just thinking about your future beyond Saint Leo University? Feeling a bit confused about the resources available to you once you complete your studies? Well, breathe a sigh of relief, because Career Planning is ready to help you start your career!

Whether you are debating attending graduate school or are ready to jump into your career, taking a look at the Career Planning portal on the Saint Leo website can help you unclutter your thoughts and figure out how to achieve your career goals. Career Planning provides fantastic tools for setting your goals and creating a career path, as well as providing information on internships, job postings, graduate school, and more.

One of the most exciting tools through the Career Planning portal is Careerbeam, a full service career development portal designed to provide all the resources necessary to guide you through the strategic job search process and achieve your goals! Included is a Career Planning Brochure, Student Guide Brochure, links to various employment searches, salary calculator and even a Graduate Career Webinar series!

So much information is at your fingertips through this portal that you can begin the process of finding your dream job today! If the links are not working or if you find yourself away from this blog and still want to access "careerbeam", here's an easy way to find it: On the main Saint Leo University website, click on the "Resources" tab under "Apply Now" in the right top corner; under Academic Services & Programs, Career Planning is the fourth hyperlink down. You will find "careerbeam" located in the "Resources" section.

If this still seems a bit confusing and you feel at your wit's end, please do not hesitate to contact me and I will walk you through the process. My contact information is located to the right of this entry, and I wish you the best with your job hunting!!

- Aimee Graham, Online Librarian - 
--edited by S.Hawes

FYI: Spirit Magazine Available Online

Hello, SLU Community. I hope everyone is getting through the mid-week slump and prepared for finals beginning April 18 on campus! In the event your life is a bit too hectic, you can take a breather and read the Spring 2013 issue of Spirit magazine, now available online. The magazine's theme is "Our Saint Leo Legacies" and includes several featured stories:

  • Virginia region student Nizaana Solognier, who came to Saint Leo from Aruba at the urging of her boss, and is creating a career legacy with her Saint Leo education;
  • Vice President of Business Affairs Frank Mezzanini, who left behind a legacy of successes both seen and felt, upon his retirement after nearly 15 years with the university; 
  • Alumni, family, and friends who are an integral part of the heritage and history of Saint Leo.
In addition to the featured articles, you can catch up on alumni, faculty, and student events and accomplishments that represent our University Campus, center locations, and online learners.

In keeping with the Saint Leo value of responsible stewardship, Spirit magazine will not be mailed to employees and students. In addition to being able to view the magazine online, you may request a paper copy by sending an email to the Office of University Communications; remember to include your university mail code or address with your request.

Wishing all the best success with finals!

- Aimee Graham, Online Librarian -
--edited by S.Hawes

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Hello Saint Leo!

Hello Students, Faculty, Staff, and Viewers of the SLU library blog! 

My name is Aimee Graham. I am the new Online Librarian here at Cannon Memorial Library. 

I co-edit this blog with Sandra Hawes, Digital Resources Librarian. I also develop and coordinate library services for the Distance Learning program. I am very happy to have become a member of the Saint Leo University community. (You can think of me as a new member of the "Lion's pride.")

I will alert you to online resources that benefit your studies or make your digital lives easier to manage. I look forward to assisting you with your research needs while you complete your studies here at Saint Leo University. 

I will be writing for the blog year 'round, so keep yourself mentally fresh over the summer by periodically checking new posts! I will feature Internet links and electronic resources of general interest along with discipline- and course-specific materials.

Once again, I am so grateful to be a part of the SLU community and look forward to working with you for years to come.

-Aimee L. Graham, Online Librarian, Saint Leo University-

--edited by S.Hawes

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Download Free MLA Citation Basics eBook from EasyBib

The library subscribes to the upgraded, "pro" version of EasyBib, the citation software program for MLA, APA, and Chicago/Turabian formats. 

Through the library's subscription, currently enrolled students and currently employed faculty, staff, and administrators have access to a template-driven citation maker, along with additional resources, such as the "notes and outline" feature and downloadable tip sheets. 

One such resource is EasyBib's eBook, MLA Citation Basics. It might be "just what the doctor ordered" to help you format a perfect paper! Click this link, provide your information, download the eBook, and let the formatting begin. 

--Sandy Hawes, Digital Resources Librarian

Archaeologists Say Pottery Shards Demonstrate Long-distance Social Networks

Credit: Mathew Devitt, Arizona State Museum

It turns out modern society isn't the first to establish long-distance social networks...just the first to do so without depending on foot travel! 

On March 26, 2013, Alexis Blue, University of Arizona, discussed the findings reported in "Transformation of Social Networks in the Late Pre-Hispanic US Southwest" (Mills, Clark, Peebles, et al.). Her comments were featured at, a site that aggregates research from major universities in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, and Canada.

Alexis breaks down the research report, which she says "sheds light on the transformation of social networks in the late pre-Hispanic American Southwest and shows that people of that period were able to maintain surprisingly long-distance relationships with nothing more than their feet to connect them."

Or, you can read the original report in full at the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences site, where it was posted on February 26, 2013. 

--Sandy Hawes, Digital Resources Librarian