Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Humor and Facts in the Stacks for Tuesday Afternoon

from Wall Street Journal online

Marshall Cook's "A Video History of Every Book Ever Written" (Wall Street Journal online, 6.2.2010), is a humorous 6-minute video purporting to cover the history of the book "from the beginning of time"--or, at least, the Gutenburg Bible and the invention of the printing press.  It's something lighten up your Tuesday. 

Afterward, take a look at the "New Books @ Your Library" LibGuide, which organizes the new books and eBooks by subject categories.  You can link to eBooks from the list and read them on your computer.  To read one of the print books from the circulating collection, use the Interlibrary Loan request form to have it shipped to you.  (N.B. We pay to ship books to you; you pay to ship books back to the library.)

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Updated Library Tour

Welcome to the Reference Collection at Cannon Memorial Library.

Take our virtual library tour to get an idea of the resources and services available from Cannon Memorial Library.  You will find two links to the tour on the library home page, one in the left-hand frame and the other beneath the picture.  If you have a comment to share, please use the comments feature here.