Wednesday, July 27, 2011

New Books (and Ebooks) Lists Online

Rachel Longstaff, Catalog Librarian and Associate Professor, recently announced:

"The New Books List for May through July, 2011, is now available from Cannon Memorial Library:

"In addition, 15,000 new e-books have been added to Ebrary

"The list can be accessed from the Library website by clicking on What’s New? -- New Books List or by going to LibGuides and clicking on New Books @ Your Library July 2011.

"Please note that there are drop-down tabs under some of the subjects, notably Language and Literature, due to the large number of titles added."

The New Books List is arranged by subject area or discipline, and includes new print books to be checked out (off-campus students use the Interlibrary Loan), print reference books (not to be checked out), and electronic books (to be read on your computer).

Thursday, July 21, 2011

JSTOR: New Arrival

Symbols indicate SLU library access
Please welcome our newest summer arrival, JSTOR. Located in the databases section of the library's online resources, there are two JSTOR collections (269 titles) providing full coverage from the first to the latest issue of each.

A basic search reveals four types of results (see graphic image): content the library has, tables of contents, full-text on external sites, and citations only. If all you get is a citation, simply use the AtoZ Journal List to check for the journal title elsewhere on the library's website. Or, if that does not work, fill out the "article request" form and we will take it from there.

Using the advanced search feature allows you to search only the 269 journals the library has in JSTOR.