Tuesday, May 21, 2013

New University Portal

You may have received several messages lately announcing that the current university portal will be replaced with a new one beginning May 20th. 

All of the features of the current portal will be available, as well as additional ones including the integration of your calendar, email, and to-do list. The first time you log in, you will need to enter your username and password on the main page to synchronize these with your Outlook/Outlook 365 account in response to a gray error message asking you to log in.  

As the portal matures, many new features will become available, such as “Team” and “My Sites.” Additionally, a new eLion self-service finance view for students will soon be available. This will enable students to view account activity, make a payment, and view student statements  via the new portal interface.  Your current username and password will work with the new portal.

The new portal is constituency-based, meaning it shows you options based on your status as student, alumni, faculty, or staff.  If you belong to more than one of these groups (e.g. student and alumni or student and staff), your primary group will be your default (e.g. student if you are both student and alumni).  When you log in to the new portal page, you will see the Constituency tab located near the top left of the page under the university logo. Click on the constituency name in the drop-down list to choose your constituency.  We expect the portal home page to default to the user’s primary constituency in the near future. 

Note that several versions of the Chrome browser yield unexpected results when using the new portal, so we recommend not using that browser until those issues have been corrected by the vendor. Currently supported browsers include:  IE7; IE8; IE9; Chrome 9.x; Chrome 10.x; Chrome 20; Firefox 8.x; Safari 4.0; Safari 5.0; and Safari 5.1. 

University Technology Services (UTS) has extended testing of the new portal for at least seven days, so please make sure to give your feedback!

For more information, contact the Help Desk at (352) 588-8888 or help.desk@saintleo.edu.

--Edited by S.Hawes, 5.29.13

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